Thursday, November 22, 2007

26 years and still standing

John and I celebrated our 26th anniversary with a lamb chops, Forbidden Rice, steamed broccoli, and, mysteriously, an inedibly salty tossed salad. Of course a plate of fresh fruit. Marqués de Cáceres Rioja, ("elegant, just like you, dear"). Served on our wedding china, which also mysteriously, we have never used before. It is lovely. I'm hauling the rest of it out for Thanksgiving dinner, why not, what are we saving it for?

We realized that in our old age, we can no longer remember where we spent our first Thanksgiving, it might have been Victoria BC on our honeymoon. I do recall my brother's first Thanksgiving with his now wife whom he had just met: Frantic calls about how long can you leave turkey out, and French toast entered into it, and I discreetly leave the rest to your imagination.

So how about you? Where was your first Thanksgiving with your loved one?

It always seems to me that when you spend Thanksgiving with your significant other's family, that is a portent of wedding bells to come. Worked for me anyway.

And now John has meandered off muttering about how he can't cook anything, there was the pie shell disaster, the disaster of mythic proportions involving a perfectly roasted Christmas prime rib and too much wine and a dullish carving knife, and now the disastrously salty tossed salad.....Like the rest of us have never had a disaster....a certain poached pear dessert comes to mind for example, or the day the Baked Alaska overflowed and set the table cloth on fire. Or a turkey dinner that became French toast for some reason....These are the things of legend that keep families together.

So: Out with yours!

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Hunter said...

Congratulations on twenty-six years. It must be based on the ability to allow the other one into Your kitchen! That and a recognition of the joys of a shared life.
Many more.
D and H