Friday, November 2, 2007

Nov. 1

Dinner yesterday started out a little anxiety fraught on my part, probably partly working too long, and then trying to deal with the airline snafu from last year, and misplacing the all-important file with all the notes about it.

John had taken some halibut, which some good friends had given us when they visited last summer, out of the freezer and he'd breaded it in crumbs and fried it, served just with fresh lemon, some mashed delicata squash seasoned liberally with butter, and a Mizuna tossed salad. Of course the apples and kiwi. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Music rambled from this to that and ended up with us shopping for the Blasters on iTunes. Go figure.

We will note also that the correspondent from University of San Francisco has apparently taken to heart the good training at table he received from his family and has eaten his way completely through his meal plan 6 weeks early and required an infusion of cash. He tells me the upper classmen had told him that no one ever uses up their meal plan, not to worry, but there it is. A big ZIP-O on the account. So he has done what all resourceful college kids do, gotten a job with a caterer. Food will be served.

Tonight is First Friday and the first of our "Rent Parties" that the arts council is having in order to pay the rent and for the repairs on the boiler, which went out again yesterday. John has a wine tasting, the auction of the Bra-Dazzler entries to benefit Cancer Connection. The Nicholas F champagne brassiers give me an idea for next year....Anyway, no dinner for us tonight!

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Cuzzin"M" said...

Dazzling bras and Nicholas F....tell me more ....