Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday Pot Roast & Ratatouille

My brother called yesterday to invite us to dinner: Of course! We love dinner! What's for dinner, what shall we bring? Spaghetti: Excellent. We'll bring red wine.

Evidently there was a note in that "Excellent" that was not quite as enthusiastic as I'd planned, and Lynn called back to ask if we'd had spaghetti last night (apparently she is not subscribed to this dinner log! Perhaps not last night, but for the last several days for lunch....and there's still more if you are hungry for some) and to say they'd surprise us with something...maybe a Caesar salad or something.

We arrived promptly at 6 pm with a bottle of Scharffenberger in tow to celebrate the grand opening and dedication of the new Juneau Arts & Culture Center, which went off festively if I do say so myself, to delicious aromas wafting through the neighborhood. A delicious pot roast, succulent, moist, with yummy fingerling potatoes and carrot sticks and onions all cooked in there and full of flavor, and the Caesar salad, multi grain bread, Ruffino Chianti (I think it was Ruffino?). Perfect for a Sunday evening.

After dinner: chocolate truffles, more champagne, and we watched Ratatouille, which we all agreed was cute, but nonetheless still about rats.

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