Tuesday, November 13, 2007

5 minute pork chops

Still we had pork loin chops from the Costco escapade, so pork was on the menu again. I found a recipe on line that got rave reviews from many who claimed their mothers used to make this all the time and they had fond memories of it. I can see why the mom's made it: 4 ingredients, and prepared easily in the 5 minute limit:
Turn on the oven to 350.
lightly oil a baking casserole, one with a lid is ideal.
put your pork chops in the pan, single layer, lightly salt & pepper.
top each with 1/4 inch slice of onion, enough to cover the chop.
top with 1/4 inch slice of lemon.
top that with 1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce (I used American Spoon Foods cherry grilling sauce).
Cover and put in the oven.
Bake for 1 hour. I did remove the chops from the casserole and reduce the juices in a sauce pan when they came out, but basically, I can see why moms of yore might have made this often. Pretty dang quick and tasty.
I put some beets in the oven too, made a salad from the last of this week's greens (lettuce, spinach, and arugula, tomatoes, little carrots) and put on some Forbidden Rice. Also perfect Bartlett pears. Dry Creek Fume. Talked about scifi books we've never read.


Hunter said...

Okay now, you can't leave the scifi book allusion hanging like that. Most of the reason for this blog is the conversation around the table as it were.
So what were some of the titles or authors or even the kind of books that are best described as, "...what was the one about [enter description here]that was written by that guy?"

Nancy DeCherney said...

Well, I recall that neither of us have read anything by Stephen King (not scifi I admit) except for his book On Writing, which is a truly great book whether you are a writer or not. Dune came up as one I do like, and Fahrenheit 451. A Wrinkle in Time is one I like but John has never read, but that generally as a genre, scifi is not our fave. Restaurant at the End of the Universe is not a scifi book? I like it, I like the whole series. I think this discussion evolved from me wanting something "safe" to read, with a beginning, middle and end and not a lot of self-reflection contemporary angst stuff. Anthony Trollop here I come.
Ended up reading Tuesday Murders by Agatha Christie and having extremely angst-ridden dreams. oh well.