Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saturday we see Three Musketeers

We have two excellent productions in town coming down to their last performances here, so John and I decided we better pack them in this weekend. Last night, we went to see Theatre in the Rough, a wonderful Shakespearean troupe of very talented local folks, perform Three Musketeers, in an adaption written by Aaron Elmore, one of the founders. We shall be saying "filthing this" and "filthing that" for days now. His epithets of the "pigsucking dog vomit lying pox on a backside" sort of 17th century Chris Rock-ian Porthos and dashing sword-play and intrigue made for a swell evening's entertainment.

I'd been working down at the Armory all day, where men with power tools and genie lifts were doing exciting things with long poles and squads of volunteers were organizing, cleaning, and putting things up, and so I was a bit fatigued. We decided to go out for dinner, choosing the Prospector, where in fact the service is quite good. I was tired and hungry and consequently had a menu malfunction, somehow getting a steak sandwich covered in grilled onions and mushrooms (so far so good) and that kind of brown gravy that you get sometimes (ehhhhh) with a big pile of (crispy and fresh) French fries, but somehow not passing along the info that I wanted a salad too. John had a salad and steamers. The bread was fresh and warm from the oven, and we sat by the window overlooking the channel with our glasses of (John: Alaskan IPA, Nancy: Kendall Jackson Chardonnay) and chatted, mostly about you.

The steak sandwich reminded me of a summer years ago when my folks left me home alone for a month or so (I do not think that this is the summer that Thad and I put off mowing the lawn until the day before they were due back, but they came back a day early....) and left the freezer full of minute steaks, frozen French Fries, and packets of gravy mix. I was in heaven.

This afternoon we are off to see the very poorly titled Yeast Nation, a premier by the Urinetown folks offered by Perseverance Theatre. It was John's idea to do the matinee, now he is going to miss "the very best football game ever." The play is supposed to be hilarious: We'll report back.

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