Monday, November 19, 2007

Creating Sunday

My crafty friends and I try to meet every month or so to do arts 'n' crafts, although of late, we have not been able to all be in the same town at the same time so the crafts have been malingering in drawers untouched.
AHA! Sunday afternoon!
Usually, this is a ladies only sort of deal, but John volunteered to make dinner for the ladies and their gentlemen following the crafts, so the crafts portion included one of us knitting on delicate little needles a lovely gift of fingerless mitts, one of us adorning a charming Scottish tam with ribbons, one of us attempting to make a piece of log cabin knitting look better with some embroidery, and another of us making Tlingit armor.

John, for his craft, hoisted the cocktail flag, and it works like a charm. The neighbors joined the group en route to watch a (what I understand was miserable) football game. We popped open a bottle of Zardetto prosecco and John whipped up a pile of tapas shrimp matched in tastiness only by the participatory messiness involved in eating them.

Meanwhile, chickens roasted, potatoes scalloped, salads tossed, and dinner appeared on the table completed by a loaf of the no-knead bread (it works!) and a spectrum of wines from Argiolas Costamolino, to Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, to Marietta Old Vine. Conversations rambled from rat rods (near as I can figure, pimped out Juneau-body cars, there's a future for Henry's Honda) to Beowolf, to the problems of how to wean the country from its over consumption of energy and water. I believe some reminiscing about the good old days when Alaska, and we, were young, and youngsters of 29 were attorney generals and even younger folks were working out oil deals for the state, came along about the time the pear crisp (sadly not as fully baked as we'd like it) and some super chocolate chip cookies (Henry, your title as Best Cookie Baker is severely challenged and a couple of bake-offs may be in order) made it to the table. Ah, those were the days! But I think we eat much better now.

How was your Sunday?

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John D. said...

Susan's cookies were good but Henry's Wookie Cookie, besides tasting really good, have a randomness and dissolute karma that I enjoy. And, he is family after all.