Saturday, November 3, 2007


As much as the Frenchies irritate me with their old fashioned thinking, I must say, they do get microwave dinners right. My host father is visiting friends in Normandy right now and my host mother left this afternoon for Morocco, where she's going to walk in the desert for a week, so I'm tout seul in the apartment. Whenever I'm left alone in the apartment, my host mother stocks the freezer with microwavable dinners. At first I was skeptical, but I've never been let down. Tonight I had pasta thingies with cream sauce and bolognaise sauce. It was pretty rocking. She also bought me some french fries too, after I told her that sometimes when my mother left home when henry and I were little, my father would get french fries. She also bought two fondants au chocolate for us today. She's tres cute. She also insists that I eat salad and tomatos and clementines for vitamins. She's very concerned about my vitamins.

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