Friday, November 16, 2007

Rockfish is the best

And much cheaper than halibut these days.
John breaded it, and fried it lightly on op of the stove and then finished it in the oven. Served just with salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Rice, tossed salad, steamed broccoli, kiwi apples and pears. Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc.

iTunes featured the new Dave Brubeck "Indian Summer" yesterday, and it is a wonderful solo jazz piano CD. Recommend it.

Rotary is continuing to give John reason to live: He's been in this organization for longer than he's been a father, and it's always something. I think he must like the complex interplay of human pettiness that seems to be part and parcel of club dynamics.


Hunter said...

"...complex interplay of human pettiness..."
Oooh, I am so going to find a way to use this phrase.

Nancy DeCherney said...

Maybe John could take you to Rotary sometime.

John D. said...

Oh, and you never experienced anything like this in the military?

Hunter said...

Of course I did. Thing is, there, I had to respond enthusiastically with "YES SIR" or "YES SERGEANT MAJOR". Enthusiasm could be either real or fake. And false enthusiasm was always better than no enthusiasm.
Your mileage may vary at Rotary.

John D. said...

Then can you sign my DD 214 from Rotary?