Thursday, November 1, 2007

Quickie, anyone?

Title is from an early GWB joke, still believable.

Dinner tonight is a quiche, or as someone who shall remain nameless (JD) described them, "...whatever is in the refrigerator or vegetable bin is fair game." So tonight, beef/chanterelle/parmesan quiche. The beef is from the pot roast from last night. I was so taken with the descriptions of the DeC's pot roast, I had to make one myself. Not having the patience to actually roast one, I used the pressure cooker. So an hour later, meat is fork tender. Put the potato, onions, garlic cloves, and parsnip in the juice, five minutes later pull them out, and make gravy out of the pan juices. All done while the roast sits quietly for about 15 minutes. Perfect.
A Hogue Lemberger in the pot, drunk while cooking, and violah...dinner last night and tonight.

Starting another thread, who is your favorite author. You know the one I mean, the one who puts a meal on the table in their fiction and you have to put the book down and go cruise the shelves and refrigerator. Best foodie FICTION writer. Me, I hold out for Mayle. I have learned not to read his books on an empty stomach.


Nancy DeCherney said...

MFK Fisher any title
Robert Arbor (the Joie de Vivre)(OK totally my favorite at this moment)
Elizabeth David, currently reading An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, sadly not available in French or would send to the Paris correspondent)
Nora Ephron (Heartburn)
Laurie Colwin (Homecooking or more home cooking)
PG Woodhouse, any book that features Anatole
early Nancy Drew books (pre the yellow edition, usually the blue or green editions, have splendid descriptions of food which I did not notice until I read them with Ren! Hannah the housekeeper really cooked up some stuff! Lunch and dinner!)
Any Nero Wolfe mystery. I learned how to be very fussy about scrambled eggs and about orchids from this obviously enlightening series.

Can I have that many favorites?
AND MORE! this whole blog is about excess in moderation! more! indulgence! enjoy!
Read on MacDuff!

Hunter said...

Nancy Drew...?
I remember a Hardy Boys where one of the plot turns happens while they were making Welsh Rarebit and all I could think was some goofy English misspelling of raw lapine.
And yes, Wolfe could demand a mean table.