Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pizza night

We always used to have pizza and a movie with the kids on Friday nights. One half, for kids: black olives only, no mushrooms. The other half, for adults: mushrooms and black olives. God forbid that mushrooms should somehow insinuate themselves to the Kids' Side. Last night, it was sweet Italian sausage, mushrooms, black olives, extra cheese all over the WHOLE thing! An incredible red wine: Zenato Valpolicella, rich, dark, with overtones of licorice and roses and other yummy stuff, Anna-Sophie Mutter's "Carmen" on the stereo. Since I can only make pizza in one size, and we were two down, there is pizza left over for breakfast this morning! Yahoo!

1 comment:

ren.decherney said...

Do you post these things just to torture me? Now I want pizza!