Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First time on here, so I'll see if I can get it right.
We went to the Hanger for dinner. I had a burger and Lynn ordered chicken fettucini. Lynn's dinner was not good - the chicken wasn't cooked through (she sent it back), the noodles weren't done (not even aldente) and the sauce was runny. She's convinced she'll be barfing within the hour. Also, next to us was a party of about fifteen with a BUNCH of little kids. Yuppy parents, the type where anything the kid does IS JUST SO CUTE! Way too much screaming, crying, and running around - I wanted to drop-kick them into next week. Lynn couldn't stand it either, and chased down our waitress so we could get our check and get out of there. All in all, a lousy dinner. Although, my burger was decent....


Hunter said...

Perfect opportunity to anonymously leave the parents a paid for after-dinner libation. They probably needed it.


Nancy DeCherney said...

I remember when our kids were little, going to the Hangar and the wait staff always commented on how well-behaved and what good little diner outers they were. They always took good care of us.

Actually, I had a swell meal there the other day, a halibut thing, was perfectly done. Some days are good in the restaurant biz, other days cause post traumatic stress.

We have same issues in the concert biz:

Laura in Wilmington said...

I had an experience of this sort Saturday night when a friend and I were out for dinner--Toscana in Trolley Square, if you ever made it there on any of your visits. My friend lives in Maine and was passing through, and as I'd not seen her in nearly a year, I was really looking forward to being out together at what is a pretty decent (for Wilmington..) restaurant. Well -- two families were at the table next to ours, along with a baby and two other kids, about 3 and 5.
The baby cried. . and the other two, before and after their own meals, ran around for about an hour and a half, laughing and playing. Being kids. At least five times, a waiter bearing a tray of food or drink was nearly tripped. The parents seemed oblivious.
After the first hour, my friend was very frustrated about both the parents and the kids, but my strong feeling was/is that until a child is about 6,
it's really unfair to expect him/her to sit still (and to expect the baby not
to cry, obviously). They shouldn't have brought any of them to what was clearly not a family restaurant. Similarly, to comment on your post on the Humanities Council blog about kids' being disruptive at concerts -- I don't think they can be talked to before a performance and reminded of the importance of not interrupting musicians, etc. If they're too young to sit still and be quiet, that's pretty much the size of it. I was reminded of how this works in theatres when I took my grandson to see
The Magic Flute onstage when he was 4 or 5; he knew and loved the music already, but it was a mistake. He just couldn't deal with the whole sitting thing.
I would tell you what we had for dinner at Toscana but it has already escaped me. . something with broccoli rabe, and delicious.