Monday, October 29, 2007

Traditional Sunday Dinner

Yesterday's weather was not quite as miserable as Saturday's, so a stalwart little group of volunteers gathered at the arts council's new building ( to put in 675 Dutch Iris bulbs donated by the Rotary Club. This involved first digging the beds for these items. Suffice to say that Lou Edwards and his truck load of horse manure, which he dug on Saturday, note the comment about the weather THAT day, and his self-described "Lady Rototiller" gets my vote for MVP, and that the six other determined and dedicated folks who really tucked in are heroes of the first order, and we got it done in a little over two hours.

(Ren, you'll be pleased to know that the string ensembles are now practicing on Sundays in the new Gallery, it was so nice to be in at my desk listening to the kids sawing away and Xia singing as he does to help them get the song right.)

Leaving John to put on a pot roast, simmering in a wonderful wine sauce, with potatoes. Freshly steamed broccoli, a Caesar-y green salad, and voluptuous red Bartlett pears. Some candles lit, Chinese plucked instruments on the stereo, and one of my recent favorites, Hedges C.M.S., a wine made of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and syrah. Then a hot lavender bath for the aches and pains, and off to bed.

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