Friday, October 19, 2007

Pot roast

Yesterday the weather was classic October in Juneau: Buckets of torrential rain accompanied by high winds and general misery. Perfect pot roast weather. John made the pot roast, I think it was a wine-based one with potatoes, no carrots though and I didn't notice the celery, usually a point of contention in our individual approaches to pot roast (he is pro-celery, I am anti-celery). We invited Thad & Lynn over and had a swell time: Tossed green salad, those wonderful apples, and Kenwood Zinfandel rounded it out very nicely.

What did you have?

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Lynn Meyers said...

Pot roast at the Decherneys is hard to beat, with or without celery. What a lovely meal it was, as usual. Along with the apples, there were the juiciest oranges in citrus history. From the Full Circle Farms fruit & veggie box. Like liquid sunshine. Just right for a day full of weather most foul.