Friday, October 26, 2007


Another late dinner last night: I went to an interesting "networking" pub night for the under 40 year old professionals, I guess as an elder in the arts field, invited to talk about the arts and how to get involved, etc and as an aside, provide door prizes in the form of tickets to events.....
Anyway, home last and John had a prawn fettucini dish all ready, in the wine sauce, with salad, apples, and white wine. Heading into a long weekend with a Huun Huur Tu concert tonight, workshops and board retreat on Saturday, and thanks to the Rotary Club, planting 675 Dutch Iris bulbs in predicted rain and wind on Sunday. Who knows when we shall eat again?

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Ali and Shaz said...

We had shrimp for dinner! What's the difference between shrimp and prawns? Size?

I got home early and Natalie was taking a nap so I cooked! bowtie pasta + tomatoes and leeks from the bag + shrimp. and a mixed salad from the bag.