Monday, October 15, 2007

France Sept. 30

the hotel did have little packets of nutella the next morning. Lots of driving in a big bus in small towns and small roads. We went to a winery that makes it's wine in these caves. I got a brochure for dad. It's called Vouvray. Then we had a tasting and we were all hungry so we were all drunk. They had us taste two sparkling wines, one made the traditional way and one made in a modern way. The modern one was very sticky and sweet. The traditional one was much crisper and actually tasted good. It was interesting. Overall I found their wines way to sweet. I also took lots of pictures for dad. I also got to see the bedroom and office of Catherine de Medici. She's kind of a big deal, right? I kid, I kid. They were in my favorite of the chateaux that we visited, the Chateau Chenonceau. I'll attach a photo.

Also, there was this cool ice cream cart with lids for the ice cream like in Charade when Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant walk along the seine. It was cool. The kitchen at one of the chateau was really cool, everything was made out of copper. I'll attach a photo. I'm also attaching a precious photo of yours truly imitating a gargoyle. We also went to this garden with all these modern mobiles/sculptures. There was one that made bubbles, which was very entertaining. And a giant hedge shaped like a bunny.

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