Tuesday, October 30, 2007

If I knew my mother was going to post that email with a snarky editorial comment, I would never have sent it to her.

Yes, I am now particularly fond of Lepetit camembert. And the musee des arts decoratifs.

Father, you'll be particularly pleased that I found a Nicholas Feuillatte store on the Rue du Faubourg St Honoré, conveniently located pres de chez moi. In the window were manniquins with champagne bottles for breasts. Kind of like Madonna.


John D. said...

Cool! Get a picture and e-mail one to me and one to:


Plus, I couldn't tell you the last time we had Camenbert.

ren.decherney said...

I can't remember having camambert, but then again, I'm a picky eater and probably wouldn't have listened to sentences like "it's good, just try it with a cracker" and "stop whining, you're eating fancy french cheese" so i don't think the fact that I just now have discovered camembert is anyone's fault but my own...

Ali and Shaz said...

but the french camembert is so much better, and most cheese in france for that matter, because they don't have those stickler laws around pasturization, non?

Cuzzin"M" said...

Personally, Ren,I think too much time has been wasted on the camerbert...let's talk Nicholas Feuillatte...the rose champagne...oooh laa laaa!
Cuzzim "M"

John D. said...

If you like the Feuillatte Rose you should try some of the Roederer Vintage Rose. I opened a bottle with our friends Candy and Dick when Candy and I got done being Rotary Presidents. It's a little slice of heaven.

There is a bottle in our fridge at work for when a former co-worker has her baby.

But that Feuillatte is tough to beat for the price. Is it at your Costco? The Brut often is.

If you shop at Costco in California you should see if they have the Villa Maria Sauv Blanc. It was $9.99 at the Costco that I went to with H-Dizzle. It's great stuff.