Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From the girl who doesn't cook

I was desperate and alone. I opened the cupboard and the black beans were staring at me, forcing my Catholic to guilt rise into my throat, they had been there awhile and I knew it. Out came the black beans. I opened them and drained them and suddenly we were one. MY beans poured into the skillet with a splash of oil. While I warmed them up I decided the salsa would make a lovely combination with the beans. After this process was completed I added some nice cheeses. The whole mess was then spooned into a soft taco shell. I truly blush when I admit that I opened a BAG of salad and added homemade dressing. Dinner for one was served. Jebby will have no part in my cooking and I don't blame him. Hunger allows me to be seduced into thinking I am creative, when I eat my own cooking I am snapped back into the reality that I need to search for other talents, like putting the car into forward and travelling to the nearest cheap restaurant.

I am Neesy D and cannot be near a kitchen.

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Nancy DeCherney said...

I LOVE black beans in soft tacos