Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Winter king salmon is sublime

John will give you the details, all I have to say is that if you have never had fresh winter king salmon, get on the plane now, we are having it again tonight. And if you have had it before, I know you are packing your bags. There is nothing more luscious, rich, wonderful. Particularly considering the weather that some poor fisher person was out in the day before yesterday in order to get this to the store, worth every penny....Grilled, with a tossed salad, some little green beans & mushrooms, and the ubiquitous crispy apples, Hogue Sauvignon Blanc. We are such fortunate people.
The conversation drifted into wondering about the state of the universe, and some old-fashioned self-righteousness, perfectly suited to being extraordinarily well-fed and feeling deserving of every bit of it. Quartetto Gelato playing Italian arias in the background. Ahhh.


Ali and Shaz said...

What makes winter king salmon so special?

Nancy DeCherney said...

The fat content. Winter kings are like eating delicately flavored butter. They melt in the mouth. They come in a wonderful light pink and a white "ivory" color, and locals like the white king best of all, probably just to be "in the know" and have inside knowledge. Either version, fresh winter king is a seasonal delicacy that makes living in Juneau in the gale-force winds uphill both directions totally fine.

Ali and Shaz said...

oooh. sounds delicious.