Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, Oct. 30

Roast pork on a bed of carmelized onions and wine, oven roasted potatoes, a tossed salad, and out-of-season asparagus. Do real people eat like this every day? Vitiano, Falesco (Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese, and darn good too), again with the Lang Lang on the stereo. Conversation a bit darker: I had laid in the provisions for today's marauders (got the Costco bags with the dark chocolate Milky Ways and the ones with the M&Ms) but this is the first year that I can remember that we have not had a pumpkin. What does this mean? What is the purpose of tradition? Why do we do these things? What does it mean in the fabric of life if we stop observing them? Does it matter?
John sent me to bed early with a hot bath and a PG Wodehouse.


Cuzzin"M" said...

We sure don't!!!and I'm beginning to feel guilty about it!

Hunter said...

Nothing quite so elegant. The last of the schnitzel pork, cut into strips. Onions, garlic, a bit of Cattlemans sauce, grilled, served on wheat tortillas, usual fixins. One of the last of the Gonzos.
Traditions. We haven't done a jack-o-lantern in several years. You can imagine what a score tossing one off of our front porch would be. Thirty-five foot fall to the street? Glorious giggles for days.
Tomorrow (first of Nov) is All Saints Day. Now there is a tradition. At some point in our day, just take the time to remember those who have left us behind. Relatives, friends, people we respected. Say a thank-you for knowing them, a prayer if you are so inclined.
I love Fall. It is a more emotional time of the year for me. Try to be here on Thanksgiving Day, when I give my annual Thanksgiving homily at the St John's dinner.

Cuzzin"M" said...

I feel the need to expain my comment....I was referring to Nancy's question/comment about whether everyone eats like this every night...not to her questions/comments about traditions.